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Television(TV) Insurance


​​​​​​​Can you imagine a house without a television? Absolutely not! Saying that a TV set has become an integral part of our lives will be a massive understatement.

With the rapid development in the realm of technology, our televisions have evolved significantly over the course. From a huge bulky box, reliant on an antenna signal to the sleek and state-of-the-art LED TV, the television has truly become smart. That said, such high-end televisions come with a price, literally. It’s no secret that the latest high-end TVs come with hefty price tags.  To make matters worse, these TVs are pretty fragile and can get easily damaged by an accident. Considering this, protecting your TV is the need of the day

​​​While you definitely can take steps to safeguard your TV, there are some events that are beyond your control. Here’s where insurance comes in! With Reliance Home Insurance, you can safeguard your TV against risks such as breakdown, loss as well as damage due to several untoward incidents. For instance, if your TV gets damaged due to an unfortunate fire, you will be covered against it. Also, say your TV is damaged or lost to a burglary, you can breathe a sigh of relief with Reliance Home Insurance for TV. 

  • Unforeseen and sudden accidental physical damage caused by fire and allied perils
  • Unforeseen and sudden accidental physical damage caused by a burglary
  • Damage due to accidental external means
  • Mechanical or Electrical breakdown
  • Accessories such as DVD and VCR

  • Willful destruction of TV
  • Willful act or gross negligence
  • Faults existing at the time of commencement of the policy
  • Any fault or defect for which the TV manufacturer or supplier of the damaged TV is responsible
  • Loss and/or damage caused by wear and tear