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Jewellery Insurance


​​​​​A piece of Jewellery is the crown jewel amongst our valuables at home.  For us, the value of our jewellery is worth its weight in gold, literally! The jewellery and ornaments not only have a high monetary value but also sentimental value since many of them are passed down to generations as a family heirloom. This makes them truly invaluable!

With a Reliance Home Insurance policy for jewellery, your jewellery is secure 24x7. Meaning your favourite necklace is not only safe in your locker but also while you are wearing it away from home. Yes, that’s right! Suppose your expensive ring is lost while you are wearing it in a wedding ceremony, we have got it covered. Now, no need to worry about chain snatching anymore. Reliance Home Insurance is the ultimate fail-safe for your beloved jewellery collection.

​It only makes sense that you secure and protect your jewellery in the best possible way. And we do that. It is always a good idea to be extra cautious with the jewellery, especially when you are wearing them. However, there can be a lot of scenarios and unforeseen circumstances that are beyond your control. That said, leaving your prized possessions to the hands of fate is not really a choice. The answer to this dilemma is insurance! Be it a theft or a loss, your jewellery (gold, diamond, silver) will be covered. With Reliance Home Insurance​, you avail insurance coverage for your jewellery in addition to other household contents.  It is the comprehensive cover that will secure your peace of mind so that you can wear your engagement ring, gold and silver worry-free.​