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Health Insurance Premium Calculator



Life has become extremely unpredictable and you never know when things go wrong. That is the reason why a large chunk of people have started to safeguard themselves as well as their loved ones with a health insurance policy. A health insurance policy offers relief and peace of mind from sudden illnesses and hospitalization. However, along with the skyrocketing healthcare costs the health insurance costs are also soaring exponentially. Therefore, it is extremely imperative to consider and compare health insurance premium costs before opting for a health insurance policy. That is where a mediclaim policy premium calculator comes to the picture. Reliance HealthGain Health Insurance policy provides an innovative option of health insurance/mediclaim policy premium calculator which provides accurate health insurance quotes.

This health insurance premium quote is based on a few factors such as age of the policyholder, number of family members included in the policy (in case of a family floater health insurance premium calculator) and whether the policyholder is facing a pre-existing disease at the time of policy purchase.

Therefore, get a health insurance quote now using our mediclaim policy premium calculator.Reliance also offers senior citizen health insurance in India.

The following are the features of Reliance’s Health insurance:

​ Reliance Health Insurance ​
​offers a 5% discount for single women or girl child
5% discount ​for existing ​Reliance Private Car Package Policyholders
 Even extended family members are covered     Avail tax deductions
upto Rs. 
35,000 under section 80D​
  Re-instatement of base sum insured, if you've exhausted the total sum insured on your medical insurance policy.   Cashless hospitalizat​ion in above 4000 network hospitals in India.   

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