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Public Liability (Act)

Reliance General Insurance

Reliance Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy Features

Under the Public Liability Act, 1991, persons affected due to accidents caused by handling of hazardous substances are to be given immediate relief on ‘No Fault Liability’ basis by the entity that owns, controls or handles such hazardous goods. The Act stipulates that insurance cover is mandatory. The Reliance Public Liability (Act) Insurance assists you to give aid as detailed in the provisions of the Act.​

​Reliance Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy Coverage:

Reliance Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy:

  • Provides cover for industries controlling or handling hazardous chemicals
  • Compensates persons affected by accident due to handling of such hazardous substances

​Reliance Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy Exclusions

This Policy does not cover liability:

  • Arising out of willful or intentional non-compliance with any statutory provisions
  • In respect of fines, penalties, punitive and/or exemplary damages
  • In respect of damage to property owned, leased, hired, or under hire purchase, or on loan to the Insured, or otherwise in the Insured Owner's control, care or custody.
  • Directly or indirectly occasioned by
    • War or war like perils
    • Nuclear Perils or radioactivity

Eligibility :

​This Policy can be taken by anyone who owns, controls or handles hazardous chemicals as detailed in the provisions of the Act.